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Dulhan Bani Dayan

Dulhan Bani Dayan is a story that revolves a haunted house. Any man who tries to take advantage of female and takes her to that haunted bunglow, the man is murdered by the sprite. The watchman of that haunted bunglow enjoys on his part as he is paid the rent for the bunglow for one night stands. Few years ago a newly married couple had come to stay in that bunglow. After few days the new groom forces the bride to shoot a blue film. When she refuses to do so her in laws and her husband murder the bride. It's said her unsatisfied soul cannot see any women's self respect in danger. Will her murderer's be punished and her soul will rest in peace? Keep watching to know how does her in laws come into the lime of this murder.

Hot Malaika

Savitri an aspiring model belongs to a wealthy family. Savitri wants to become a top notch glamour model and actress but hides her aspirations from her parents. Savitri changes her name to Malaika but hides this from her parents too. While the unsuspecting parents plan for Savitri's marriage she gets her portfolio prepared by Mohan, an attractive young photographer. Mohan, a playboy wants to exploit Savitri physically and hence tries to get into her good books with his cordial behaviour. Will Savitri be able to identify Mohan's true intentions and follow the good advice of her parents?

Indian Kamasutra- Blockbuster Superhit Bollywood Movie

RathiNirvedam -Telugu Full Length Hot Movie

Hot Full Movie -Hot Nancy 18

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Long BIG Awaited indian_Tamil Hot Movie Anagarigam(2011)

Hot Mashooka - Full Length Bollywood Movie

Hot Mashooka - Bollywood Movie - 2006. Producer: A Rai, Directed by : Arjun Raj, Star Cast: Raj Gautam, Roshni Chopra, Ganesh Pardeshi, Komal Leesa, Jabeer, Manglu Sonia, Anit Rahtogi.
Synopsis : Hot Mashooka is a story revolving around four young lives. Disha (Roshni Chopra) is married to a much older guy Atul (Raj Gautam) and is not happy in her relationship. To satisfy her physical urges, she soon begins to look outside her marriage and falls for a young guy named Prem (Ganesh Pardeshi). Disha is so carried by her love for Prem that she wants to free herself from Atul and so hatches a plan with Prem to murder her husband. Meanwhile, Atul's sister Ragini (Komal Leesa) visits their home. Prem sees her and falls for her. He decides to date both Disha and Ragini. While double dating them, he discovers that Atul has willed only 10% of his property to Disha and the rest is in Ragini's name. He conveniently dumps Disha for Ragini. The jilted Disha decides to take revenge. What will she do next?.